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Be it leisure, work, study, family visit or a mass gathering, everyone wants to have a happy and a healthy trip. The health risks in a new destination, might be a total mood spoiler for you and your loved ones. Be prepared for such health risks that are easily preventable and be informed on your health conditions, if any. You can also visit our Travel Health Planner for a personalized risk assessment and tips.

5 Gadgets All Travelers Should Have for 2018

1st January, 2018

2018 is around the corner and that means it’s time to start planning your next adventures. Wherever you might be going next year, it can help to have some handy gadgets with you as you go.

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Airlines and wheelchair

4th January, 2018

Airline travel can be a challenge to people for all different reasons. Our experience has been that the airlines try to make it as easy as possible for a person/family with a wheelchair or person w...

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motherhood | pregnant travel tips

4th January, 2018

I’ll be 22 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Life growing inside of you isn’t, in my experience, without its ambivalence. Some days I fear she’ll disappear, that I’ll wake up to a stillness. Other d...

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Traveling With Type 1 Diabetes

5th December, 2017

Is your mind spinning with details just thinking about travel
How to get there? Where to stay? What will it cost? What are the food options? What activities or sights to see? ...

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Stay smart and healthy while you're travelling!